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Monthly Archives: June 2022

Independence Day Mousse

1  10 oz package frozen whole strawberries
1  10 oz package frozen blueberries
1  10 oz package frozen pineapple
1  Cup sugar
3  tsp vanilla
3  tsp lemon juice
10  10 oz clear plastic cups
1  can whipped cream

Fire up the blender! 
1) Combine in blender package of strawberries, 1/3 Cup sugar, 1 tsp vanilla and 1 tsp lemon juice blending until smooth.  Portion ~ 1/4 cup of mixture in each cup.  Place in freezer to set.                          
2) Repeat the process with pineapple.  Portion ~ 1/4 cup of pineapple mixture on top of strawberry blend.   Place back in freezer to set.
3) Repeat the process with blueberries.  Portion ~1/4 cup of blueberry blend on top of pineapple. 
Red, white  & blue!  Freeze til firm. 

To serve, remove from freezer and top with whipped cream.
A refreshing and festive dessert for the Fourth of July …
or anytime! 
(I use plastic cups for the grandkids and to share with friends.)

July 1 will be our one year anniversary as Keyfinders Team Realty!  Thank you for being a part of our growing company. 

Selling the American Dream to our clients and friends year after year is our joy!